JavaScript Design Systems & Icons

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JavaScript Design Systems & Icons

Because for the love of God, not everyone is gifted in designing!

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·Aug 10, 2022·

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Design Systems

Headless UI

Eye-candy Tailwind components.


Potentially good, I guess.

Daisy UI

Simple, but shitty color themes.

Material UI

A great balance between enterprise readiness and masochism.

If you ask a committee to create a design system for you, this is it.

Ant Design

A great contender to Material UI.

Who needs DuoLingo when you can learn Mandarin through GitHub Issues.

Chakra UI

A classic, timeless design.


Kinda brutalist.


Hero Icons

Works well with Tailwind, but limited choices.

Tabler Icons

Pretty as hell.

Material UI Icons

One of my favourites, the MUI team crafted this very well.

Bootstrap Icons

The good ol' days of Bootstrap.


One of the classics.

React Icons

SVG Popular Icon Packs

Font Awesome

Streamline HQ

Line Icons