Article Ideas

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Article Ideas

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·Jul 29, 2022·

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My personal list of article ideas.

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Personal Notes

For tutorials / guides, use the sections:

  • Overview (what is this)
  • Prerequisites (what do i need for this)
  • Use Cases (what can i do with this)
  • Supported Environments (where can i use this: browser, node, etc)
  • Why XYZ (why should i use this: features, benefits, comparisons)
  • Installation
  • Usage (example code)
  • References (what else can i read more)


  • JavaScript Image Processing with Sharp
  • JavaScript Date & Time with Luxon
  • Web Fundamentals

In Progress

  • None


  • Authentication: Sign-in, Sign-up, Recovery
  • Authentication: Usernames, Email Address, Phone Number
  • Authentication: Passwords, Scrypt
  • Authentication: Sessions
  • Authentication: Sessions with Redis
  • API Authentication: Basic Auth
  • API Authentication: Bearer Auth
  • API Authentication: HMAC Auth
  • Authentication: Email Address, Magic Link
  • Authentication: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Authentication: 2nd-factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Authentication: 2FA with Authenticator Apps
  • Authorization: ACL, RBAC, ABAC
  • Authorization: RBAC
  • Logging
  • Monitoring (Alerts, Triggers, Notifications)
  • Deployment Environments (Development, Staging, Production)
  • Site Reliability (Availability, Performance, Monitoring, Incident Response)
  • Web Frameworks (Express.js, Fastify.js, Koa.js, Hapi.js, HyperExpress.js, uWebSockets.js)

Under Review

  • JavaScript Series: Charts (recharts, visx)
  • JavaScript Series: Maps (mapbox, open street maps, google maps)
  • JavaScript Series: Browser Automation (puppeteer, playwright, cypress, selenium)
  • JavaScript Series: WebSocket Client & Server (uwebsockets.js)
  • JavaScript Series: REST Client & Server
  • Networking Series: DNS & TLS (caddy, dnschecker, mozilla ssl config,, ssl labs ssl test)
  • Networking Series: Reverse Proxies (caddy, haproxy, nginx)
  • Database Series: Database Concepts & Types
  • Cloud Series: Vendors / Service Providers
  • Cloud Series: Managed DNS
  • Cloud Series: Managed Servers
  • Cloud Series: Managed Storage
  • Cloud Series: Managed Databases
  • Cloud Series: Managed Networking
  • Cloud Series: Email APIs
  • Cloud Series: SMS APIs
  • Cloud Series: Bot APIs
  • Node.js Video Processing with FFmpeg
  • Node.js Secure Password Hashing with Scrypt
  • Node.js Secure File Hashing with SHA-2
  • Node.js Email Notifications using MailerSend
  • Node.js SMS Notifications using
  • Node.js Telegram Bot
  • Node.js Discord Bot
  • Node.js Slack Bot
  • Node.js Web Frameworks Comparison
  • Node.js REST API Server
  • Node.js WebSocket Server
  • Recommended Cloud Vendors